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Free BounceBack Demonstration Deck

Demonstration Deck Cover Card. A caricature of a spiral notebook with a pen and lit light bulb superimposed on top.
Demonstration Deck-Now Available for Download

You will need a printer, scissors and eight pages of card stock. We recommend printing on card stock because it is sturdier, but if paper is what you have…it’ll work. The cards will print in color if your printer is able to. If you don’t wish to use your colored ink, you can set your printer to black and white.  You will have difficulty reading the cards if using draft quality. Be sure that your printer is set to print single sided and in landscape view. The background of these cards will print out using whatever color paper/card stock you use. Please keep in mind that using a dark paper may make reading the black print difficult. Our decks are printed on a Natural colored card stock.

The Demo Deck and instructional cards will appear in landscape view. Skills & Attitudes cards will be in portrait view. This is so you can easily distinguish between the two decks. You’ll want to separate them after you cut out your cards.

Please follow this link to download your free BounceBack Demonstration Deck-PDF.

For additional suggestion on using your BounceBack deck, please follow this link.

10 Skills and Attitudes that can Help Build Resilience – PDF Version

Image of the book cover of "Duct Tape Isn't Enough"

Download the PDF Version of 10 Skills & Attitudes here.

Resilience and Your Health 

Teddy Bear holding tissue and thermometer sits next to a bottle of cold medicine.

Resilience and Your Health is a program designed to assist you in learning and practicing the skills and attitudes of resilience so that you can better manage your health and navigate the healthcare system.

Download the PDF version of Resilience and Your Health

Resilience and Disability

Woman on scooter ducks to fit through fence opening.

Resilience and Disability is a program designed to assist you in learning and practicing the  skills and attitudes of resilience so that you can better manage your life, your health and disability. The program provides the opportunity to practice these skills and attitudes as you attempt to manage these challenges.

“To succeed and manage the challenges that you face with a disability, you will need resilience. Those who cope well with a disability, who bounce back, end up knowing more about resilience than the average person. In fact, we have used persons with a disability to teach the skills and attitudes of resilience to more ‘able-bodied’ individuals.”

Download the PDF version of  Resilience and Disability

Daily Heroes

The people you will hear from on these DVD’s are everyday people who have survived real world tragedies. We have asked them all  questions:

  •              What are the most difficult challenges you have encountered?
  •              How do you deal,or have you dealt with these challenges?
  •              How have these challenges effected you?
  •              Do you have any comments about resilience?

We would like to thank John Nunan and Justin Alves of alphaOne for creating these extraordinary DVD’s.

Know Your Character Strengths

Please follow this link to the VIA Institute on Character Website

Additional tools

Please visit our Resources page where there are links to government, nonprofit and association websites that provide information and assistance to people in need…