Exploring BounceBack

Who’s exploring BounceBack?

  • A large Maine public school district is interested in resilience training for their middle school alternative education program.
  • Public Safety officers are interested in working with the Immigrant community using BounceBack to  better understand/coach one another.
  • BounceBack is currently being used to teach an on-line class called ‘Resilient and Safe Communities’ through the University of Maine Augusta.
  • We were invited by the University of Southern Maine to meet with a group from their Health and Counseling Center comprised of employees, trainees, graduate assistants and interns. We presented an overview of resilience and introduced the 10 Skills & Attitudes. Following a demonstration, we spoke about BounceBack and how they might make use of it at U.S.M.
  • The Portland recovery community is reviewing some of our decks to explore the usefulness of Bounceback as a peer coaching tool.

What are folks saying about BounceBack?

As feedback comes in, we will post it here. If you have explored BounceBack or our free downloadable Demonstration Deck, and you have feedback to share please contact us . We’d love to hear from you.

“I did the Recovery cards with the guys a few days ago and it was very well received. It opened up some tremendous discussions.”  – Adam Miller, York County Shelter Programs Inc.-Serenity House