What we do

Building Resilience, L.L.C. was formed in August of 2017. Our mission is to create, promote and distribute affordable tools to help build resilience for those in need, and today, that includes all of us.

  • We believe that resilience is key to  managing personal and global stressors.
  • We know that resilience can be learned.
  • We create tools that support the acquisition of resilience Skills & Attitudes.
  • We promote methods of building resilience that are readily available to all.
  • We offer training on how we can learn resilience from one another.

Building Resilience, L.L.C. formed as a result of a lengthy history of involvement with resilience training and coaching.  Please follow this link if you’d like to review our timeline. See Our Partners for information about those who have partnered with us and supported us along the way:

Photo credit: Image licensed through Creative Commons by Guian Bolisay