Who we are

Building Resilience was conceived by Ron Breazeale, Ph.D., as an offshoot of Maine Resilience, in order to promote and facilitate the acquisition of the Skills & Attitudes of resilience among individuals and groups of diverse origin and a wide array of vocations, with a need to survive the tragedy and adversity that befalls each of us at one time or another. To that end, he gathered a team of professional colleagues, interns, friends and volunteers willing to help pursue the goal.

Storytelling has been, and will continue to be, the basis for abundant learning opportunity. It is the driving force behind Dr. Breazeale’s work and that of his team.

Our mission is to create, promote and distribute affordable tools to help build resilience for those in need, and today, that includes all of us. Many thanks to all who have played a role in moving forward our agenda.

Ron Breazeale, Ph.D.

Ron BreazealeRon Breazeale is a clinical psychologist with over 35 years experience in the fields of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Dr. Breazeale is founder and Executive Director of Psychological and Educational Services, one of the largest independent group mental health and substance abuse practices in northern New England. As co-owner of Resilience L.L.C., he is the creator of BounceBack, a tool that may help build resilience by asking people to answer real world questions, using everyday skills. He is the author and/or co-author of many of the Resilience Tools we use  to teach resilience skills. Dr. Breazeale provides resilience coaching services.

As a child with a birth defect who has worn a prosthetic hook most of his life, he has both an academic and deeply personal understanding of resilience and disability.

Rita Schiano, MA

Rita SchianoRita Schiano is a resilience strategist and coach, speaker, and founder of Rita Schiano ~ Live A Flourishing Life. Organizations use Rita to help staff build resilient leadership skills, manage stress, and improve morale. As a personal strategic coach, Rita helps clients focus specifically on their most important goals, interests, challenges, and needs, offering insight and assistance that guides them towards actionable, positive changes.

Rita’s involvement with Building Resilience began back in 2005 when she worked with Dr. Ron Breazeale on his novel Reaching Home and later his resilience workbook, Duct Tape Isn’t Enough.

Seth Brady

Seth BradySeth Brady is co-owner of Resilience, L.L.C.  He is the owner/operator of Brady’s Computer Services which provides IT Support for Small Businesses in the Greater Portland Area.

Seth became involved with Building Resilience when a decision was made to transition BounceBack from a card game to an electronic tool in 2013. His IT skills guided the development of the electronic, web-based version.

Julien Perille, Psy.D.

Julien Perille

Julien Perille is a clinical psychologist in private practice with offices in Portland and Brunswick, Maine.  With a childhood spent in France,  North Africa and South America, he is fluent in French, Spanish and English and is able to offer therapy to individuals and couples in all three languages. He is committed to diversity and finding ways to help individuals from cultural minorities access services.

Dr. Perille became involved with Building Resilience in 2014 after meeting with Dr. Breazeale. Through his participation in workshops, consultations and networking with community members, Dr. Perille continues his efforts in finding ways to empower individuals and communities bounce back from the barriers they face.

Charlene Fernald Moynihan

Charlene Fernald MoynihanCharlene Fernald Moynihan is retired after 44 years of work for and with individuals with a variety of disabilities. She has, with intention, done this work in a variety of settings including: recreational, educational, vocational, medical, residential, protective services, income maintenance and insurance; learning alongside the individuals she felt privileged to work with.

It was the amazing resilience of those same individuals that brought her to connect with Building Resilience in March, 2015. The focus of her work has been creating/updating training materials, establishment and management of social media, communications, challenge writing and troubleshooting BounceBack.

Don Nalls

Don NallsDon Nalls’  formal training in economics is classical. Classical economists see humans as rational actors who make decisions using cost benefit analysis then carefully and rationally, weigh the potential outcomes. As he transitioned from the military to a fee-only financial planning practice, he noticed that his clients did not make (not one of them) decisions using classical theory.

Don began working with a group of clinical psychologists in order to truly understanding human decisions with respect to economic outcomes.  Nearly two decades ago he and Dr. Ron Breazeale began writing about different money personalities.  Our work anticipated (and has been validated by) the work of both behavioral economists and clinical psychologists. In fact, in 2002 the Nobel Committee in economics awarded its prize to a psychologist who had never taken an economics course: Daniel Kahneman.

Don continues this vital work with Building Resilience. As a retired Army colonel, he has seen firsthand how important resilience training is to deploying and returning soldiers. Don believes that resilience skills are prerequisite to adapting to the complex, volatile, and unpredictable world in which we live.

Photo credit: Image licensed through Creative Commons by Ohio State University