International Coaching Week 05/15-05/21/2017

SuccessInternational Coaching Week is an annual global event sponsored by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It was started in 1999 by an ICF Member Jerri N. Udelson, MCC. The purpose of this week is to educate the public about the value of coaching and how it works. We’d like to share some thoughts on this.

These are stressful times in the United States of America. It’s becoming easier to lose focus on one’s goals with all the available distractions. We  are a culture that enjoys being in control when it comes to our journey throughout life. Coaching meets this need. It empowers people to achieve self-chosen goals which helps facilitate success and long term happiness.  Resilience Coaching not only has value for the individual but for the global community within and beyond our borders. Resilient people, communities and cultures can better address the adversity that life inevitably applies from  time to time. We need to approach Resilience Coaching in a multi-modal way if we are to reach the greatest number of global community members. Professional coaching, peer coaching, on-line resources and artificial intelligence are a good start. We mustn’t be locked into a single modality. We must reach out to the masses with every tool available if we are to facilitate change.

Please visit our Coaching page. We will be adding resources as stated above in celebration of International Coaching Week.

Charlene Fernald Moynihan