The Dropped Ball

Have you ever ‘dropped the ball?’ I did yesterday. I was so focused on other issues that I did not post “Let’s Play BounceBack”.  For that, I wish to apologize. We’ll pick it back up tomorrow. Having said that, it leads me to some thoughts I’d like to share.

While it is not a good thing to drop the ball, it happens. The proverbial ball can be in serious play at the time of the drop or it can be the focus of recreational fun. The severity of the drop is usually determined by the setting in which it occurred. Recovering that ball may be a lifesaving measure or a matter of fun in the sun.

Challenges are part of life. As are our mistakes. It’s our responses to them that shapes our course in life. The above symbol reminds me that we can recover from the dropped ball. We need only reach for the tools we have to either save our lives or enjoy the fun.

You’ll see this symbol on our website and in our literature. When you see it, remember that you can build your resilience toolkit and we’re here to help.

Charlene Fernald Moynihan