Exploring BounceBack

Who’s Exploring BounceBack and What do they have to say?

As feedback comes in, we will post it here. If you have explored BounceBack or our free Downloadable Demonstration Deck, and you have feedback to share please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

  • A large Maine public school district is interested in resilience training for their middle school alternative education program.
  • Public Safety officers are interested in working with the Immigrant community using BounceBack to better understand/coach one another.
  • BounceBack was used by Richard Lumb, Ph.D. to teach an online class at the University of Maine Augusta called ‘Resilient and Safe Communities’. Here’s what the students had to say.
  • “The game is very interesting and shows you how many choices you really have when dealing with adversity and struggle.”
  • “What I didn’t anticipate was how easily most of the skills and attitudes would fit into each scenario.”
  • “I played the game with my 10 year old son and he was able get the concept.”
  • “I quickly realized that I needed to actually emotionally invest myself into this “game” in order to learn something from it.”
  • “I found that each natural disaster situation required different resilience skills. Who knew?”
  • “Before taking this class I didn’t have a very good understanding of what resilience really means. It was just a buzz word that had limited application.”
  • “After taking this class I can appreciate the value of a game like this. The scenarios were tough situations that happen in everyday life, we just don’t like to think about them.”
  • “In each scenario, I kind of put myself in that role and really tried to make this as real life as possible to ensure that I learned something from this game.”
  • We were invited by the University of Southern Maine to meet with a group from their Health and Counseling Center comprised of employees, trainees, graduate assistants, and interns. We presented an overview of resilience and introduced the 10 Skills & Attitudes. Following a demonstration, we spoke about BounceBack and how they might make use of it at U.S.M.
  • The Portland recovery community is reviewing some of our decks to explore the usefulness of Bounceback as a peer coaching tool. Here’s one comment.

“I did the Recovery cards with the guys a few days ago and it was very well received. It opened up some tremendous discussions.”     – Adam Miller, York County Shelter Programs Inc.-Serenity House

“In our fast-paced world, Bounce Back provides a valuable invitation to stop and focus on how our day-to-day life choices affect both us and those in our sphere of influence. It allows us to walk in others’ shoes by opening a safe space for dialogue and insight. BounceBack is an invitation to bridge the fractures that keep us from understanding ourselves and others—that keep each and all of us from being whole.”      -Wanda Whittnen: Editor-in-Chief, I-DEAL WORDS Professional Editing

  • “The ability to Bounce Back from challenge and difficulty is the behavior and attitude we all need in today’s society given the continuous change and uncertainty that is part of our daily life. The work the BounceBack team is doing has huge potential for human empowerment. It nurtures and develops the skills required to help us deal with the unexpected and with our own frustrations and perceived limitations, giving us the confidence to face our challenges and move forward.

If we were all able to bounce back in real time, we would surely live in a much more stable society where collaboration, connection and cohesion would be the main attributes we share.

The team at PocketConfidant is proud to align and partner with BounceBack, sharing their vision and goals.” –Our Partners at PocketConfidant

Image Credit: Erkan Utu via Pexels CC0