Let’s Play BounceBack: 01/25/18 – First Responders/Public Safety

Responding to the challenge is the challenge. This is the daily task of our firefighters, E.M.T.’s and police officers. The stakes are usually as high as the adrenaline that surges through them on a regular basis. Despite the stressors to their bodies and minds, they are called upon to respond with a cool head, steady nerves, integrity, and compassion. My hat’s off to them. It’s not easy.

This is another of our original decks. It was written for and with the help of our first responders. Use it alone to practice working through the challenges by learning to apply the Skills & Attitudes to the challenges presented and those you have experienced. Use it with your team to build a resilient and support community. Train future first responders for the challenges ahead. And let’s not forget families. Use them in support groups. The demands on responders create family stressors that just may benefit from the Skills & Attitudes of resilience.

Responding to the challenge is the challenge. Our firefighters, E.M.T.’s and police officers face this on a daily basis.

For a better understanding of BounceBack, view our video on the right-hand side of this page.

BounceBack will be available for purchase via our website soon. We’d like to introduce you to BounceBack by playing a bi-weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) game on our homepage using our free Downloadable Demonstration Deck.

Your Challenge Card from our Downloadable Demonstration Deck is featured above. Once you’ve dealt with the challenge, magnify your screen and take a close look at the bottom of the card. There you will see the Skills & Attitudes we feel might be most helpful in managing the scenario. You can also use other skills and attitudes that you find helpful as long as you can explain how you would apply them.  We challenge you to find new ways of responding to adversity.

Which of these Skills & Attitudes will you choose to apply?

Follow along alone, with a friend or a group. Talk to others and find out how they would respond. We can learn much from one another. But if we wish to learn from our experiences, we must first get through them.

Please feel free to contact us with your feedback.