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Building Resilience, L.L.C., Train-the-Trainer Program

We are currently developing a new training program targeting students from middle school to the post-secondary level. The student training content will come from the challenges presented in our premier tool, BounceBack. BounceBack is a serious game, a tool to help build mental toughness by asking people to respond to real-world challenges, using the Skills & Attitudes of resilience. BounceBack was developed as a tool to practice responding to life’s challenges. It’s very simple. It’s practice.

Our original card decks have been reformatted into a PowerPoint presentation. Each deck of cards has twenty Challenge Cards. Each Challenge Card tells a snippet of a story from the first person point of view. The stories present real-world crises in need of a response. The ten Skill’s and Attitudes Cards provide tools to be used to manage the crises presented on the Challenge Cards. BounceBack addresses challenges in 35 subject areas relating to age, occupation/vocation, health/mental health status, as well as socioeconomic, relationship and cultural issues.

This PowerPoint presentation will be available as a digital download from our new ECWID store currently being set up. It will be available with or without a six-hour on-site training. It provides an overview of the need for and outcome of resilience training, an overview of the tools we use to teach/coach others, and a customized set of BounceBack Challenges relevant to the needs of the institution’s student population. The location of our schools varies as do the age, culture and socioeconomic status of if its students. Though some issues will be common, others will be unique. It is this understanding that will allow us to customize a program that allows us to meet the identified needs of today’s students.

Though we begin with student needs, the Train-the-Trainer template will be easily adaptable to the needs of other groups such as healthcare workers, first responders/ E.M.A. personnel, social service providers, and private businesses and by simply customizing the challenges to meet the training need. We are very excited to be moving in this direction.

Stay tuned as we move through the development phase.


  • We continue to work with our partners in France, PocketConfidant, to promote the role of their virtual coaching tool in building resilience. They will be launching at the University of Michigan next week. Congratulations!
  • We had planned to resume our Southern Maine Resilience Task Force meetings in September. We have these meeting placed on hold. Our current projects require our attention until completion. We will then revisit this issue and determine if there is a need and, if so what is our role in meeting that need.

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