Happy New Year 2019

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Another year has passed. 2018 delivered many challenges. These challenges (some feeling quite impossible) have only served to deepen our commitment to improving the human response to adversity. Life IS uncertain. You don’t always get a heads-up before a crisis. Long before we get to processing and problem-solving any given crisis, we must respond. How we respond impacts the way in which we approach resolution. We know that the Skills & Attitudes of resilience can help.
• Connect and communicate with others. Build supportive relationships. They will help to sustain us during times of crisis.
• Be flexible in thoughts and actions. You can’t see possibilities that you are not open to.
• Problem-solve both individually and with others. Sometimes it takes a village.
• If we cannot manage the strong feelings that arise as we face adversity, we may not be able to respond in productive ways. Is there a way to set aside those emotions and move forward?
• We need a full bag of tricks at our disposal to respond with a sense of self-confidence and competency to 21st-century challenges. Fill your bag.
• Take time to think things through…find the meaning, make sense of what has happened so that understanding can serve as a guide to managing both current and future challenges.
• Look beyond the immediate situation to the bigger picture. We may be pulled by our emotions to act in ways that might release some immediate tension, but do more harm than good in the long run. Stay focused on your overall goals and find ways to move a tough situation in a positive direction.
• Laughter truly is the best medicine. There are elements of humor in most everything..even adversity. Find them and use them to soothe what might otherwise be an overwhelmingly tough experience.
• Bring your best self to daily challenges by taking care of your physical and emotional needs as part of your routine. You wouldn’t run a marathon unprepared. Don’t face life’s uncertainties with less than adequate resources.
• Care for others. The act of caring for others builds empathy for and understanding of the plight of others. Helping others negotiate life’s challenges builds resilience.
Improving the individual response to adversity is important. Abundant research supports the affirmation that resilient individuals are the building blocks of resilient communities. Whenever large groups of individuals develop personal resilience Skills & Attitudes, communities are strengthened. How do we build resilient communities? One individual at a time.

We wish for you much happiness in the new year. 2019 will find us active in our pursuit to provide training and tools that help build resilience.


Photo of Charlene Fernald Moynihan

Charlene Fernald Moynihan, Co-Founder, Managing Partner