Building Resilience in Maine and Beyond

Hand and forearm only emerge from a breaking ocean wave giving the "thumbs up" sign.
Building Resilience in Maine and Beyond.

We will kick off our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign soon. We had hoped to kick off in March 2019, but time passes quickly and we are working to layout our story and document our plan for funding. With the help of Alphonse, our very own videographer, we are creating a new video to promote our campaign and our cause. We’ll post updates as the time draws near.

Our goal will be to fund no-cost training and materials to three target groups:

  • The immigrant community (one adult, one youth).
  • The school community (one middle and one post-secondary school).
  • The 1st. responder community (one to E.M.A. workers and one to local 1st. Responders ).

You can help by spreading awareness.

  • Share the pre-launch and campaign page (when available) with others who may be interested and in a position to help.
  • Talk to others in your community about the benefits of building resilience.
  • Talk to your child’s teachers/administrators about building more resilient school communities.
  • Send those who need additional information about how we build resilient communities; one person at a time to Building Resilience…Survival Skills for the 21st. Century.

As Always,

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Charlene Fernald Moynihan