Building Resilience in Maine and Beyond: A Crowdfunding Event

This is a link to our crowdunding Pre-Launch page. Darkened version of our "thumbs up" image with the following text. Resilience is key to managing global stressors. Building Resilience in Maine and Beyond. Resilience can be learned. We create the tools.
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To our valued supporters,

On May 15, 2019, we will embark on a crowdfunding campaign intended to finance six no-cost training sessions to three communities that research indicates would benefit from increased resilience, and, who we feel are in a position to positively impact the quality of our current and future lives. Those communities are immigrants, students, and 1st. Responders.

Children are our future. We all benefit from our future decision-makers becoming more resilient in an era where these Skills & Attitudes have not evolved as naturally as in past generations. Immigrants bring value by way of diversifying our thinking. They can have a stabilizing effect on our economy. We need to focus on what is good in them and help them to manage the adversities that brought them to us. 1st. Responders are our lifelines. They face adversity daily. We need to help them help us by providing Skills & Attitudes and support that will enable them to better manage the trauma that they encounter.

We ask that you follow this link to learn more about our crowdfunding campaign and to sign up for ongoing updates. We will send another link to our crowdfunding page on May 15th when our full campaign goes live. At that time, you will have an opportunity to back what we believe will be a successful campaign to build community resilience; one individual at a time.

Sharing the link to our Pre-Launch page may be the single most important way that you can help at this time.

We thank you for the interest, encouragement, and support that you have demonstrated over the years. Stand by for updates as we begin our journey.

As always,

Photo of Charlene Fernald Moynihan
Charlene Fernald Moynihan