Crowdfunding Kickoff

We believe that resilience is key to managing both personal and global stressors. We know that resilience can be learned. We help to build resilient communities; one individual at a time. With your help, we will provide no-cost training to three communities that research indicates would benefit from increased resilience, and, who we believe are in a position to make a significant contribution to building community resilience. Those communities are immigrants, students, and 1st responders. Click the image below to learn more about our target communities.

Firefighter in full gear pointing with ruins of 911 in the background.

Tomorrow we launch our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, Building Resilience in Maine and Beyond, in an attempt to raise the funds needed to do just that. Our initial target markets are federal, state and local government, social service, and non-profit programs that serve our target communities. These programs have limited operational budgets and even smaller training budgets with stiff competition for those training dollars. If we are to compete for those funds, we must be able to demonstrate the value of what we have to offer.


100% of the respondents surveyed from the first presentation of our Building Resilience Community Training Program indicated that the training was relevant and that they took away from it something useful. Feedback such as this is an attestation to its value that will carry us far. We need to gather more evidence that what we have to offer is a worthy investment. Just as we believe that storytelling is a powerful training tool, we believe storytelling is a powerful marketing tool. We will use these training experiences to promote our program in a competitive marketplace. 

You can help by sharing this email with all those who may have a similar desire to live in a more resilient world. You can also help by contributing within your means. There is no amount to be seen as insignificant. Every penny will move us that much closer to our goal. We ask that on May 15, 2019, the date our campaign and the following link goes live, that you visit our crowdfunding page at and review our proposal.  Our attempt is to raise 30% of our goal within the first 48 hours. This will demonstrate support for our cause and will catch the attention of potential donors who have yet to learn what it is we have to offer. You will see several perks offered as a thank you for your contribution. 

Once again, we thank you for your ongoing support and feedback over the years. You have helped bring us to this point and we hope to make you proud of where we go from here.

As Always,

Photo of Charlene Fernald Moynihan
Charlene Fernald Moynihan