Let’s Play BounceBack 06/29/2019

Closeup of a sad, tired man with his head lying on a pillow.

Click the image to review the Skills & Attitudes to apply.

We have six days left on our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. So let’s play BounceBack.  Each day I will post a challenge from one of our BounceBack decks along with the ten Skills & Attitudes video. The goal is to apply any or all of the ten SKills & Attitudes to the challenge in order to move past it. Remember, this is about immediacy. It is not the goal to solve the issue underlying the challenge…just to move past it safely.  Solutions are for another day. Our aim is to manage the crisis.

We will also begin a referral campaign. We will give a free Building Resilience Power Pack to the person who makes the most referrals in these last seven days. The Power Pack includes a 12″x 18″ full-color poster of the Skills & Attitudes of resilience, A BounceBack deck of your choice, and 1 lb. of BounecBack Brew.

Three partial mages of poster, coffee bag and BounceBack decks.

In order to get credit for referrals, you must visit this page, create an account and sign in each time, and share these updates using the social sharing buttons. This tracks the number of times shared from your sign in.