Lessons from our Crowdfunding Campaign

Today is the last day of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. We have raised $755.00 thus far and we wish to thank those who contributed from the bottom of our hearts. Your contribution will be put to good use.

The purpose of running this campaign was to provide training experiences to three target groups, immigrants, students and,  1st. responders and to use the information and feedback gathered from training to market our programs moving forward. We recognize that what we propose to do is lofty and expensive.  But rest assured, we will find a way to accomplish it.

We will use the crowdfunding contributions to provide no-cost materials to our target groups. This will serve as a good introduction to what it is we have to offer and is quite consistent with our original goal. We will be able to provide 2 Peer Coaching Manuals and one BounceBack Bundle (six decks) of their choice to three groups; one in the immigrant community, to one school community, and one in the 1st. responder community.  We will identify and share the names of the groups receiving these materials.

We may not have achieved our monetary goal, but the experience has made the attempt worthwhile. Here’s what we have gained by participating.

  • We have learned that promoting services in a  product-oriented atmosphere is a challenge. We will use this information to make appropriate marketing decisions going forward.
  • We understand that our support of the immigrant community is not always well received by some. Nonetheless, we stand firm in our belief that this community has great potential to do good things for our country and we will persist.
  • We found that the outreach done for this campaign has resulted in increased interest in what we do and why we do it. We have grown our mailing list and social media following.
  • We have made relevant connections and are currently pursuing projects as a result which include:
    • Addressing the opiate crisis by putting together alternative resources to pharmaceutical treatment of chronic pain along with establishing a support group that we hope to be funded by health insurance.
    • Working with a local university to address building resilience in the student population.
    •  Pursuing a grant which focusses on community-building/organizing for the purpose of developing strategies for advancing racial justice and equity within the immigrant community by building community resilience.

At Building Resilience we believe that we have something valuable to offer and we are energized by the good things that have come from this campaign. Some may view this campaign as a failure to meet a fundraising goal. We see it as advancing our steps toward our goals. Reframing the negative, seeing the big picture and finding the meaning and purpose in challenges…this is what building resilience is all about.

Photo of Charlene Fernald Moynihan
Charlene Fernald Moynihan