Greater Portland’s Response to the Opioid Crisis

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Our communities continue to struggle with an epidemic of opioid misuse and abuse. This epidemic has many causes. One contributing factor is our healthcare systems’ overreliance on pain medications to treat a large number of patients with chronic pain. Unfortunately, our current workforce does not include an inadequate array of behavioral and non-opioid options for the large populations of patients with chronic pain. Alternative treatments and models of care needed now, not later.

We are excited to introduce you to an innovative and important project in our community. We have organized a consortium of independent practitioners from various disciplines to participate in a project to respond to the needs cited above. The consortium includes skilled psychologists and other experienced clinicians as well as others who are interested in gaining such experience.

We have organized a wide range of complementary service providers who will participate in interdisciplinary meetings for support and consultation. Coaching, electronic tools, training, and support are available. Providers in the consortium can offer evaluation of pain-related problems and addiction, therapy and support groups, and assistance with identifying referral sources for other services that may be indicated.

To utilize one or more of these services you or your patients should contact the provider offering the service directly. You will find that contact information on the provider pages.  There you will find bio sketches of each participating clinician participating and information regarding the services they provide.

Photo pf Ron Breazeale, Ph,D.
Ron Breazeale, Ph.D.