Resilience in the Face of Covid19

Person sits inside a bubble surrounded outside by nature.

Covid19 has captured our attentions most of our waking hours and even intruded into some that should be reserved for sleep. Many continue to feel lost and helpless as no real solutions are immediately in sight. But in recent days I have seen so many wonderful people joining together in virtual groups to support one another and/or address the issues that we can address. There are community groups forming to meet the needs of neighbors and those who are at high risk and must isolate. I joined a group of crafters to make facemasks for medical providers who are currently seeing patients without them due to the shortage. These small yet powerful acts allow each of us to practice and apply the skills & attitudes of resilience now and going forward.

It’s really simple. Connect & communicate. There are a multitude of online groups focusing on a variety of issues. Be flexible in your thinking…open to possibilities. Problem-solve alone and in these virtual groups. Do what you can. Manage strong feelings that come with feeling helpless by finding a way have some control over what you can. No act is too small nor insignificant. Believe in your ability to do so. Trust yourself. Look to the meaning and purpose in your life and you’ll discover what motivates you. Look for virtual groups where those of similar values are acting on them. Join in. Take a look at the big picture with optimistic eyes and you will see what you can do. Care for yourself and others while doing so. You needn’t sacrifice your health nor that of your loved ones in order to make a difference. Above all else…find time to laugh. It may just be the best possible medicine we have available right now.

Be well…all of you!!


Photo of Charlene Fernald Moynihan
Charlene Fernald Moynihan