Lessons from our Crowdfunding Campaign

Today is the last day of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. We have raised $755.00 thus far and we wish to thank those who contributed from the bottom of our hearts. Your contribution will be put to good use.

The purpose of running this campaign was to provide training experiences to three target groups, immigrants, students and,  1st. responders and to use the information and feedback gathered from training to market our programs moving forward. We recognize that what we propose to do is lofty and expensive.  But rest assured, we will find a way to accomplish it. Continue reading “Lessons from our Crowdfunding Campaign”

Crowdfunding Kickoff

We believe that resilience is key to managing both personal and global stressors. We know that resilience can be learned. We help to build resilient communities; one individual at a time. With your help, we will provide no-cost training to three communities that research indicates would benefit from increased resilience, and, who we believe are in a position to make a significant contribution to building community resilience. Those communities are immigrants, students, and 1st responders. Click the image below to learn more about our target communities.

Firefighter in full gear pointing with ruins of 911 in the background.

Tomorrow we launch our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, Building Resilience in Maine and Beyond, in an attempt to raise the funds needed to do just that. Our initial target markets are federal, state and local government, social service, and non-profit programs that serve our target communities. These programs have limited operational budgets and even smaller training budgets with stiff competition for those training dollars. If we are to compete for those funds, we must be able to demonstrate the value of what we have to offer. Continue reading “Crowdfunding Kickoff”