Chronic Pain Provider: Falmouth Physical Therapy

Falmouth Physical Therapy: David Reese, P.T.

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Falmouth Physical Therapy

There are no physical therapy assistants or aides at Falmouth Physical Therapy; just the patient and the therapist working towards maximum recovery. Treatment focuses on the structural and biomechanical causes of pain. Manual work and stretching address those causes and a patient-centered exercise program to be completed outside the office setting is provided.  Falmouth PT focuses on the patient and obtaining functional health and pain reduction.

David enjoys his work in physical therapy and continues to research best practices for quick and long-lasting recovery.  He enjoys working with all kinds of people and has been working with professional and amateur dancers.  His personal interests include biking, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts.

  • David Reese can be contacted at 207-781-2543. Referrals are welcome via your PCP in conjunction with your counselor’s (should you have one) approval.