Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/12/17 – An Addict Among Us

An E.M.T., shown from the back, is deep i thought sitting on the steps of a wooden deck .

Addiction is on the rise. How many of us have an addict in our family, as a friend…a co-worker? Addiction has a pervasive effect on those who experience it and their families. Despite the tremendous damage, we still whisper about it with only those we think will not pass judgment on us and our loved ones. This deck is intended to stop the whispering and encourage the very difficult conversations related to surviving addiction. Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/12/17 – An Addict Among Us”

First Night: Chapters 36-48

The Conflict Between Hope and Cynicism Concludes

Book Cover of First Night: The Conflict Between Hope and Cynicism

“First Night is a wonderful tale of hope and cynicism spun from the whole cloth of down home Maine humor and fundamental values. The book is a page-turning flight of fancy that captured modern man’s struggle with assimilating new technologies without losing the fabric of past times. I loved it. A fast read that took me to other times and places I hadn’t had time to think about since my iPad crashed!” ~ Captain W. Russell Webster, CEM, US Coast Guard (Ret.), Maritime Author and Historian

We hope you will enjoy the final chapters of First Night: The Conflict of Hope and Cynicism by Ron Breazeale, Ph.D.



Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/07/17 – Adolescents/Teens

Caricature of a woman applying red lipstick.

Transitioning from child to adulthood just may be one of the most challenging and tumultuous times of life. While body and mind are busy developing at will, teens are also learning who they are and where they fit in their community, what their values are/should be, and how to apply them. Challenges are around every corner and some are overwhelmed by the act of growing up. Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/07/17 – Adolescents/Teens”

Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/05/17 – Active Shooter/Shelter in Place

Active shooter and Shelter in Place situations are far more common than in the past. Our children are being slaughtered and threatened more than ever before. We can wait for who knows how long for gun control legislation or we act to prepare and protect our children by teaching them the Skills & Attitudes of resilience that just may protect them when threatened and allow them to behave proactively to prevent future threats. Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/05/17 – Active Shooter/Shelter in Place”

First Night: Chapters 27-35 Posted

The Conflict Between Hope and Cynicism Continues

Book Cover of First Night: The Conflict Between Hope and Cynicism

“First Night cleverly addresses the big questions of our time about how we deal with technology of today and the looming technological breakthroughs that are coming without destroying ourselves or losing our humanity. And does it in a personal, suspenseful and entertaining way.

~ James Weaver, clinical psychologist and playwright

Looking at Yourself: Part Two

How you and others see you.

Woman rests on mirrored surface gazing at her reflection.In the last blog, I asked you to evaluate yourself in five areas. The first area had to do with being able to communicate well with other people and being able to talk to other people. The second area had to do with being able to make and maintain friendships and relationships with others. The third had to do with being able to make changes in your life when you need to, e.g., being able to be flexible. The fourth area had to do with how you feel about yourself and your ability to feel positive about yourself and give yourself credit for the accomplishments in your life. The last area had to do with controlling your emotions, especially very strong ones, and emotions that other people might perceive as negative, e.g., anger.

Continue reading “Looking at Yourself: Part Two”

The Truth About Radicalization A false sense of purpose.

BounceBack: Radicalization Deck Cover Card
Radicalization-Coming Soon

Most acts of terrorism in this country in the last ten years have been committed by persons radicalized in this country, not newly arriving immigrants or terrorists who have come across our borders. These are people who have grown up in this country. Some are first generation Americans, but many are fifth or tenth generation Americans. But all have one thing in common. They have not been integrated into our society. They have not been integrated into our society not because they rejected us and our values, but unfortunately because in many ways we have rejected them. Continue reading “The Truth About Radicalization A false sense of purpose.”

Common Ground: Bridging Police and Community Collaboration

Large group standing beneath the back of a billboard with fists raised in solidarity with the speaker.

Communities must work together to become resilient. Please enjoy this piece from our Guest Blogger: Richard C. Lumb, Ph. D.

As loud voices erupt to demand their particular agenda, the focus of disruption is often against police.  Remove the effectiveness of police and social chaos emerges.  Dampen the courage of leaders in support of order and chaos occurs.  Active or tacit refusal to demand social order for the substantial majority of citizens has the effect of emboldening the aberrant behaviors.  Peaceful protest, making a convincing argument and seeking collaborative change disappears to be replaced with chaos, and the effect on many is an unnecessary fear. Continue reading “Common Ground: Bridging Police and Community Collaboration”

How To Make Your Willpower Stronger And More Effective

How To Make Your Willpower Stronger And More Effective  by JOE ELLISON

“Ever wondered what life would be like if you had 50% more drive? Scrap that – how about 10%? With just a smidgen more purpose in your gut, you could be the go-getter you always wanted to be, finally mastering that guitar solo, winning that big promotion and getting that novel finished. It’s not out of reach. According to many experts, this drive to succeed is a finite source we create within ourselves, rather than a natural one: ‘Willpower isn’t something you’re born with,’ weighs in Dr Ron Breazeale, a US clinical psychologist specialising in resilience training, ‘It’s something you develop, create and move forward with.’ With the help of Breazeale, RISING reveals how to carpe the hell out of that diem.”