Why BounceBack?

Today we celebrate the availability of BounceBack online. These are my thoughts.

A Path to Resilience

I worked in the human/social services field for forty-four years. I tried everything on the menu from non-profits to educational and medical institutions, self-employment, and government service. I was searching for the system that wasn’t flawed and/or broken. There was always something blocking the path to consistently effective service. Lack of funding, lack of staffing. Inadequate training or inconsistent support from co-workers, supervisors and/or the community. And then there are the unexpected (and sometimes tragic) changes that are implemented by unknowing bureaucrats in terms of how much and what type of services they determine necessary. Try as I may I never found the system that wasn’t flawed. Many were in fact broken. Continue reading “Why BounceBack?”

Let’s Play BounceBack: 01/11/18 – Disability

Computer window with a horizontal bar 2/3's complete reading "Future" on top and "Loading" below.

Disability can be difficult whether it is congenital or acquired as a result of illness and/or injury.  Some of that difficulty is physical/medical and requires a managed network of providers. That is a set of challenges in and of itself. Other difficulties arise from a poor understanding of the nature of a given disability and what may or may not be necessary to accommodate. Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 01/11/18 – Disability”