Let’s Play BounceBack: 03/15/18 – Resilient Communities

Looking down the sight o a rifle to the blurred shooter in the background.

Beyond our circle of family and friends, we are all part of a larger community. Our neighborhoods may house people we may be unfamiliar with and/or with whom we have dissimilar beliefs. Decision-making in the best interest of the community is always challenging. But coexist we must. Challenges likely to impact the community are best dealt with by connecting, communicating and problem-solving.  Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 03/15/18 – Resilient Communities”

Let’s Play BounceBack: 03/08/18 – Rank and File

Outline of the U.S.A. cut from a $1.00 bills.

Rank and File seems a fitting reference to the American middle class. Like the foot soldiers of the military, we are the majority, the “working class.” We don’t always approach our goals using such tight formation but strive we do. From lower to upper middle class, we set our sights on our financial goals and seek out the job that will help us to achieve them. But there are many challenges to middle-class America. Outsourcing and automation of jobs, and income that can’t keep pace with inflation. Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 03/08/18 – Rank and File”