Being Different in North America

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Being Different in No. America Deck Cover Card. A caricature of the world surrounded by the words "Humanity, One World, One Race".Being Different in North America

Unlike, dissimilar, incompatible, unfamiliar and conflicting are all synonyms for different. But so are original, distinct, individual and independent. It’s all a matter of perspective. We vary from the basics of color, shape, and size to the more complicated like religious belief, sexual preference, and physical/cognitive development. Many diverse people came to North America bringing their determination and skills to build the cities and communities that we now occupy. Our differences can challenge those of us who are different and those trying to understand and accept differences in others. Our response to differences will decide if North America is to be a melting pot or a mosaic?

This deck was created to stimulate thought and discussion about our differences. Work through the decks alone to practice applying the Skills & Attitudes of resilience to the challenges presented as well as those you may have encountered. Use in small groups at school, at recreational and church programs to teach methods of connecting and communicating despite differences. Use it in support groups to encourage sharing and to problem solve together. Use it to educate our future public service personnel.