Blue & Red Politics

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Blue & Red Politics Deck Cover Card. U.S. Capitol Building with a yield sign in the foreground.Blue & Red Politics

Yes, we did! We created a deck to help manage the challenges put forth by the 2016 presidential election. The election is over. The next few years are likely to be difficult. We must now take a closer look at issues that haunted each of us and how we come together again after the great divide.

Families are at odds, friends are not speaking, and even the workplace has become a source of political tension. We need to remember and remind the politicians representing us that connecting with others is better than isolation, that flexibility works better in most situations than rigidity. Communicating with others is almost always better than not talking, and acting on our values works better than acting on our fears.

Use this deck to jumpstart those silenced conversations with friends and family. Use them in groups and practice flexible thinking. Build the Skills & Attitudes of resilience in order to respond to future political challenges.