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Immigrants Deck Cover Card. Closeup of a dirty, aged, black hand gripping a rope and a walking stick with background out of focus. Immigrants

It’s not easy for new arrivals. Immigrants face tremendous challenges upon entry and while adapting to American culture/systems. We are a nation built by immigrants. Many in our society seem to have forgotten this. Giving up one’s home and trying to make a new home in a country far away and unfamiliar is a difficult process. Language barriers alone present tremendous challenges.

Immigrants is another of our original decks created for and with the help of the local immigrant community.  It was created to help those trying to settle themselves in America. It was also created to help build an understanding and empathy in those who are unfamiliar with the issues. Use it as a training tool for law enforcement and social/human services personnel to provide insights into the everyday challenges of immigrants in the U.S.