The 13.5%

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The 13.5% Deck Cover Card. A house of cards in the shape of an A-frame. The 13.5%

13.5% was the poverty rate in the U.S. in 2015. Those who live in poverty face daily challenges that those of us with more resources don’t. These are the challenges of those who have little. Indeed, it is a very different world if you’re poor in America.

We created this deck to start conversations between friends and neighbors who know these challenges and to enlighten those who don’t. It is hard to have conversations about subjects when judgment and shame are present.

This deck can be used with your family to build Skills & Attitudes of resilience. Share in small groups and learn from one another. Use it in schools to combat the shame and judgment directed to those who have little. New and seasoned human/social service professionals could also benefit from a clearer understanding of those they serve.