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BounceBack: Work/Money Deck Cover Card. Silhouette of one hand giving a set of keys to another with a faded picture of a home in the background.Work/Money

Work is a huge part of our lives. It accounts for approximately 1/3 of our lifetime. Because we invest so much or our time and energy at work, challenges that arise not only demand much attention but can elicit strong feelings. It is good to feel some passion for the work that we do. But we must manage our responses to these challenges in order to move past them.

The work environments of the 21st Century requires that we accept change as a given. Change can be most challenging to some. But change we must and we must develop productive ways to respond.

This deck was created for those who feel challenged…perhaps frustrated by the work environment. Use it to work through the scenarios and practice applying the Skills & Attitudes of resilience to the challenges presented as well as those you face at work. Use it as a training tool in a work environment to get employees to connect, communicate and respond to challenges in the deck and those specific to the work they do. Teach young people to prepare for their future work challenges.