An Addict Among Us

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  • An Addict Among Us Deck Cover Card. Diagram of the long term effects of Heroin.   An Addict Among Us

Addiction is on the rise. How many of us have an addict in our family, a friend…a co-worker? Addiction has a pervasive effect on those who experience it and their families. Despite the tremendous damage, we still whisper about it with only those we think will not pass judgment on us and our loved ones. This deck is intended to stop the whispering and encourage the very difficult conversations related to surviving addiction.

Use it alone to challenge yourself to think differently about addiction and begin problem-solving. Share it with a friend to begin connecting with others and building Skills & Attitudes along with a support system. Use it in support groups for addicts, for the families, or for addicts and their families in order to encourage appropriate communications and build resilience in the process.
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