Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Deck Cover Card. A caricature of a young man with disproportionately large eyes and head wearing a baseball cap backwards. He stands straight with eyes half closed on a blue background.Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has devastating effects on those who experience it. It can lower one’s financial standing, limit activities of daily living, exhaust social and family supports, and destabilize one’s mental health. And that’s all before an addiction to pain medication enters the picture.

Studies indicate that resilient people are better equipped to cope with chronic pain. How we think about pain is tied to how we respond to it.

The Chronic Pain deck was developed in order to start discussions between the chronic pain sufferer and a significant other, a friend, or family members. It was also developed to initiate conversations between patients and nurses, social workers, and physicians charged with treating/managing chronic pain. The cards could be used to assess a new patient’s current level of resilience Skills & Attitudes and to build upon them as needed. Where medication is indicated, additional coping skills may reduce the amount and frequency of the need. Peer support groups are always a good place to share these challenges.
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