Healthcare Dilemma

Healthcare Dilemma Deck Cover Card. Silver caduceus.Healthcare Dilemma

Accessing appropriate healthcare in today’s world isn’t as simple or as easy as it used to be.  The days of the hometown family doctor are over. We have specialists who need referrals and insurance that dictates who you see and how often if you want coverage. We have higher co-pays and deductibles and physicians that are bound to large corporate health institutions who dictate policy and practice. It’s all very complicated.

At some level, our needs as a patient get lost. Our voice goes unheard. This deck is intended to help individuals recognize the challenges inherent in our current healthcare system and build resilience Skills & Attitudes in order to respond.  Use it in small groups and problem-solve. Patient advocates can use this deck as a teaching/training resource.

This and the Healthcare Professional deck can be used to provide professional training to both new and seasoned healthcare providers. Bring patients and providers together and learn from one another by having providers respond to challenges drawn from the Healthcare Dilemma deck and patients respond to the challenges faced by Healthcare Professionals.
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