More than Homesick


A green chameleon adapted to the foliage beneath.More than Homesick

Post-secondary education has many advantages. Many young people flourish in this new and unique environment. Others feel stressed in the absence of an established support system, experience anxiety related to the need to make critical decisions (independently and almost daily) that will impact ones success and become exhausted by the academic demands. Being prepared academically is not always enough. Students must be prepared for the entire college experience.

This deck was created to address this need. To assist students to prepare for and respond to the challenges of college life. Use it alone to become aware of and begin learning the Skills & Attitudes that may prepare you for the transition. Use it in small groups in the dorm to start conversations and connect with others who might be struggling. Campus counseling centers could use It to help coach students to build resilience and move past the obstacles to their education.