What’s on the Menu?

What's on the Menu Deck Cover Card. A caricature of bacon double chesseburger.What’s on the Menu?

ANAD indicates, “At least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S.” The C.D.C tells us that, “More than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults have obesity.” Not surprisingly, few statistics are to be found on the adverse effects of food additives and preservatives. And don’t get us started on the pesticide issue.

Eating is essential to survival. Eating can become a health risk…even fatal.  Many Americans take issue with discussions about food and how and what is best. We like to do it our way.

But talk we must. Use this deck to become more aware of issues related to food and its impact on physical and mental health.  If food is an issue for you, work through some of the challenges presented and practice the Skills & Attitudes of resilience. See if they can be applied to your own challenges. Share it with family and friends to break the silence that surrounds food issues. Use it in a support group.  Use it with healthcare professionals to instill greater awareness of the struggles faced by their patients.
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