Active Shooter/Shelter in Place

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Active Shooter/Shelter in Place Deck Cover Card. Black and white picture of a young adolescent boy with a hoodie covering half of his face pretending to shoot using his hands like a gun.Active Shooter/Shelter in Place

Active shooter and shelter in place situations are far more common than in the past. Our children are being slaughtered and threatened more than ever before. We can wait (for who knows how long) for gun control legislation or we can act to prepare and protect our children by teaching them the Skills & Attitudes of resilience that just may guide them when threatened and allow them to behave proactively to prevent future threats.

Use this deck to teach your children strategies that may help them to identify potential threats and to respond should those challenges present. Use it in schools to help build resilience among students and their mentors. Connect, communicate and build a proactive school community, better prepared to combat future problems. Use it in college and university classrooms to educate future teachers and college students in the Skills & Attitudes of resilience that may prepare them to respond to threats on campus.