Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Deck Cover Card. A caricature of a woman trying to hold shut a door as water leaks in around it.Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and tsunamis. We’re far more familiar with these events than we used to be. Severe weather events uncharacteristic of the season catch us off guard. Some of these adversities may be manmade. But regardless of the source, these events could easily become disasters if we are unprepared. It is no secret that resilient communities fair better during times of crisis.

This deck is another of the original Bounceback decks written for and with the help of a grant from the Maine Emergency Management Agency and local first responders. Use this deck with your family to practice the Skills & Attitudes of resilience while responding to the challenges presented. Use them in a proactive way to discuss and form family/neighborhood safety plans. Use them in large community forums to build strategies to cope with adverse events or as a teaching tool to learn how future disaster might be prevented.