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Adolescents/Teens Deck Cover Card. An adolescent couple from the waist down, embracing in a wooded area with and antique clock in the foreground.Adolescents/Teens

Transitioning from child to adult just may be one of the most challenging and tumultuous times of life. While body and mind are busy developing at will, teens are also learning who they are and where they fit into society; what their values are/should be and how to apply them. Challenges are around every corner and some are overwhelmed by the task we call growing up.

This deck was created with the help of a young teen struggling to meet these challenges. Give this deck to your teens and let them work through it. Offer to sit with your family and work through the challenges presented and those that may be part of your teens’ experience. Use it in small groups at school with students who may show signs of being overwhelmed. Use it in the classroom to teach the Skills & Attitudes of resilience. Students better equipped to respond to the many distractions of adolescence may be more focused learners. Introducing the Skills & Attitudes of resilience at this time of life is likely to help students become more competent in dealing with many challenges they face.