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Boomers Deck Cover Card. Family birthday party appearing to be a page from the Dick and Jane readers from the 1950's.Boomers

The Baby Boomers are estimated to be a population of approximately 75 million. Marry young and have many children was the trend. Suburban America grew in response to the housing need. Consumer goods also flourished in the early years. As the Boomers grew, they began to question the values and wisdom of those who came before. Boomers are the now aging, idealist rabble-rousers of the sixties and seventies.

Boomers are now in our 60’s and older. Our independent spirits are coming to grips with pending dependencies that come with age. While, in some cases, having children still dependent upon us financially. Boomers juggle many challenges.

Boomers was created to help a generation manage the many challenges faced. Play a game with friends and share thoughts and ideas with them. Use it with family to initiate conversation. Use it to provide training and practice using the Skills & Attitudes of resilience in response to present and upcoming challenges of an aging population and their eventual caregivers.