Caregiver at Heart

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Caregiver at Heart Deck Cover Card. A red stick figure holds up the world with one hand.Caregiver at Heart

Caregivers at Heart are those concerned and committed to the wellbeing of others, particularly their loved ones. It’s about more than just the act of caregiving, it’s about the desire/need to do so. Are we our brother’s keeper? They would answer, “Yes.” But the heart of a caregiver knows the many challenges that come along with that role. What is the right balance between one’s own needs and the needs of another? How much is too much? When do I step in and when do I leave well enough alone? The Caregiver at Heart is kind, compassionate and often exhausted.

This deck was created to bring to light the challenges faced by those who have the heart of a caregiver. Use this deck individually to begin responding to challenges using the Skills & Attitudes of resilience. Have family discussions and establish the balance that may be absent. Use it in support groups to build resilience against caregiver burnout. Teach newly trained caregivers to build resilience and avoid future burnout.