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Millennials Deck Cover Card. Triangular yellow sign showing a stick figure digging reads 'Work in Progress".Millennials

Nearly a decade of research has been done on Millennials or Generation Me. Studies show that millennials are more self-focused than previous generations. There has been abundant debate as to whether this is a good or a bad thing and why this is the case. There is concern about a generation of young folks who have been rewarded for minimal accomplishments and sheltered from conflict and everyday challenges.

Self-focus is a positive when it comes to building resilience. Lack of practice responding to everyday challenges isn’t an issue. We know that the Skills & Attitudes of resilience can be learned. So…welcome Millennials.

Use this deck to practice responding to the challenges presented. Use it with friends and family to connect and communicate directly and learn from one another. Use it in support groups, workshops and classes to teach the Skills & Attitudes of resilience.