Rank and File

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Rank and File Deck Cover Card. A caricature of and hourglass containing silhouettes of six men. Three are in the top half and are upright dressed in suits. Three are in the bottom half and in free fall.Rank and File

Rank and File seems a fitting reference to the American middle class. Like the foot soldiers of the military, we are the majority, the “working class.” We don’t always approach our goals using such tight formation but strive we do. From lower to upper middle class, we set our sights on our financial goals and seek out the job that will help us to achieve them. But there are many challenges to middle-class America. Outsourcing and automation of jobs, and income that can’t keep pace with inflation.

Rank and File was created to call attention to the struggles of the middle class. The issues may be different than those experienced by folks living in poverty, but they are no less challenging to those who face them.

Play a game with your family and neighbors. Work together to respond to the challenges presented and share your own as well. Prepare our young people to respond to the challenges they may face in the future. Use them in support groups to help participants respond to things they may not be able to change.