Let’s Play BounceBack 06/22/2019

Rifle with a scope pointed directly at you with the image of the shooter blurred.

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How would you respond if notified of an active shooter in the building?

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Life is Uncertain 9

Adversity and uncertainty are all around us: terrorism, natural disasters, active shooters and healthcare dilemmas. Building Resilience helps to get through 21st. century challenges.

The Twin Towers ablaze on 911.
Life is Uncertain 9

Let’s Play BounceBack: 03/15/18 – Resilient Communities

Beyond our circle of family and friends, we are all part of a larger community. Our neighborhoods may house people we may be unfamiliar with and/or with whom we have dissimilar beliefs. Decision-making in the best interest of the community is always challenging. But coexist we must. Challenges likely to impact the community are best dealt with by connecting, communicating and problem-solving.  Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 03/15/18 – Resilient Communities”

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