Responding to School Shooters

Young person in a darkened hiding place peering through a hole at a threatening individual.

Our children are being slaughtered. Despite this, no actions are being taken to limit access to guns. I could go on for hours about this. But I know in my heart that this is an issue that clearly will not come into focus for many any time soon. How many dead children will it take? The answer is already too many. Waiting around helplessly to see how many more will die is more than I can bear. Continue reading “Responding to School Shooters”

Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/05/17 – Active Shooter/Shelter in Place

Active shooter and Shelter in Place situations are far more common than in the past. Our children are being slaughtered and threatened more than ever before. We can wait for who knows how long for gun control legislation or we act to prepare and protect our children by teaching them the Skills & Attitudes of resilience that just may protect them when threatened and allow them to behave proactively to prevent future threats. Continue reading “Let’s Play BounceBack: 12/05/17 – Active Shooter/Shelter in Place”