Image of BounceBack decks.

BounceBack is a serious game, a tool to help build mental toughness by asking people to respond to real-world challenges, using the Skills & Attitudes of resilience. It was developed as a tool to practice responding to life’s challenges. Challenges are presented and the user chooses Skills & Attitudes that he or she wishes to apply in order to respond to that challenge. It’s very simple. It’s practice. We are compressing our 35 decks and 680 challenge questions into one product with approximately 100 challenges to choose from. That’s a lot of practice.

It is also a lot of decks to choose from. BounceBack v.5 is currently being created. BounceBack will become one tool with many of our best challenges contained in one deck. Please stand by…we will let you know when v5 becomes available.

We began teaching people the Skills & Attitudes of resilience in 2007 primarily through storytelling. We utilized novels such as Reaching Home and Duct Tape Isn’t Enough as some of our tools along with various workbooks and video resources. BounceBack was conceived in 2011; a very simple card game that asked players to apply the Skills & Attitudes of resilience in dealing with real-life challenges. It was one deck presenting a variety of life challenges. We experimented with an electronic version for a time and returned to the simplicity and adaptability of the card game. But we know that digital material and apps are the way of the future. We see a BounceBack app in our future.

There are many ways to use BounceBack.  BounceBack presents challenges that relate to various subjects, populations, vocations and/or current issues. The compressed deck contains Challenge Cards and a set of Skills & Attitudes cards. The Skills & Attitudes cards are used to respond to the scenarios on the Challenge Cards. 

The Skills & Attitudes of Resilience


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Here’s how it works. You’re presented with a Challenge Card. Read the challenge on the face of your card. Use the Skills & Attitudes cards to determine which you wish to apply in order to manage the challenge at hand. It’s that simple.

The goal is to bring people together to share thoughts and perspectives on how to respond to the many challenges life puts forth. We offer some coaching and gameplay suggestions, but how you choose to use these cards is entirely up to you.

We will let you know when our reworked deck becomes available.