What we do

Building Resilience, L.L.C. provides resilience training and tools to individuals and communities that wish to promote independent management of adversity and problem-solving among their members. We work with those who have a desire to create an atmosphere of peer support and mentoring within their communities. The focus of our training is on personal resilience because that is where the learning must start. When large groups of individuals develop resilience Skills & Attitudes, communities can be strengthened. Abundant research supports the affirmation that resilient individuals are the building blocks of resilient communities. It is our goal to build resilient communities; one individual at a time.

The Building Resilience Community Training Program:

Group photo of participants in the conference.
Resilience and Strategic Thinking- 04/2019

We introduced our new training program in Tampa, Florida in April 2019 at the “Resilience and Strategic Thinking” conference arranged by Agents of Change and hosted by the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation. 100% of evaluation respondents indicated that they took away from the training something useful to their lives.

“After 26 years as a government employee and the last 10 as a consultant, trainer, and facilitator for organizations nationwide, I have come to realize how important and relevant the topic of resilience is in virtually every facet of the work I do. From strategic planning to change management and everything in between, a piece of resilience training is necessary for forward, positive movement. Participating in resilience training at the Agents of Change event in Tampa in April, I was exposed to a wide range of techniques that serve as guiding forces when navigating challenges, both for individuals and the organizations they work with. It was during this time that I saw that this type of training, modified to fit the specific audience, would serve as an excellent framework for organizations to follow in a variety of situations.” – Lisa Paradis, founder of Agents of Change

Duct Tape Isn’t Enough – Resilience and the Healing Powers of Stories

Duct Tape Isn't Enough cover. Silver duct tape holding a globe together.
Duct Tape Isn’t Enough by Ron Breazeale, Ph.D.

In 2012 we presented at the University of New England (U.N.E.) with the help of Marilyn Morrell, Consumer Advocate, Westbrook, ME.

Please follow this link to find the videotape Duct Tape Isn’t Enough-Resiliency and the Healing Powers of Stories.

Town of Scarborough’s Preparedness Project – The Resilience Citizen-Be a Survivor, Not a Victim

Banner showing a series of weather related disasters.

In 2011 a Train-the-Trainer program for the Scarborough, Maine community was completed with additional workshops in 2012 & 2013.

“The Town, in collaboration with Maine Resilience, implemented a train-the-trainer program for the employees and citizens of Scarborough. This program seeks to develop and train individuals and groups in skills of personal preparedness and resiliency that will enable them to respond to natural or man-made disasters, traumatic events, and other adversarial situations.”

Please follow this link to learn more about Scarborough’s Resiliency Project