What we do

Building Resilience, L.L.C. provides resilience training and tools to individuals and communities that wish to promote independent management of adversity and problem-solving among their members. We work with those who have a desire to create an atmosphere of peer support and mentoring within their communities. The focus of our training is on personal resilience because that is where the learning must start. When large groups of individuals develop resilience Skills & Attitudes, communities can be strengthened. Abundant research supports the affirmation that resilient individuals are the building blocks of resilient communities. It is our goal to build resilient communities one individual at a time.

The Building Resilience Community Training Program can be customized to focus on particular challenges (by topic) presented in our BounceBack decks. It can be generic using a mix of challenges from our decks to meet broader training needs. We can work with specific challenges relevant to and provided by your community. Individuals are most engaged by challenges that they can relate to. We are willing and prepared to work with you to customize our training to meet the needs of your community.

Tampa skyline from the water.

We will be introducing our new training program in Tampa, Florida in April 2019 at the “Resilience and Strategic Thinking” conference arranged by Agents of Change and hosted by the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation. If your community would benefit from training please contact c.fernaldmoynihan@building-resilience.com.

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Photo credit: Image licensed through Creative Commons by Guian Bolisay