What we do

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We provide resilience training and tools to individuals and communities (organizations, institutions, businesses, and/or agencies) that wish to promote independent management of adversity and problem-solving among their members. We wish to reduce the dependency of individuals/communities on services, systems, and administrators to provide solutions to 21st-century challenges. We work with those who have a desire to create an atmosphere of peer support and mentoring within their communities.

Group Training:

Group training is arranged by a business, agency, institution and/or organization for the benefit of its community members. Training will be tailored to the needs of the community being served in terms of length and subject matter covered. It will be conducted using a customized PowerPoint presentation that will become the property of the customer for use in future Train-the-Trainer programs and refresher sessions.

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Continuing Education Training:

These sessions will be initiated by Building Resilience, L.L.C. and will be open to the public.  Training will be presented using either a variety of subject matter (a taste of challenges from all of our BounceBack decks) or will focus on the needs of specific professions and/or communities as the need arises. CEU’s will be offered.  

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Contact Us for more information.

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