Building Resilience Community Training Program

Group photo of participants in the conference.
Resilience and Strategic Thinking- 04/2019

The Building Resilience Community Training Program projects all that is good about BounceBack and Duct Tape Isn’t Enough onto a large screen to address the training needs of larger communities. The focus is on personal resilience training. We believe that is where the learning must start. Whenever large groups of individuals develop resilience Skills & Attitudes, communities can be strengthened. Abundant research supports the affirmation that resilient individuals are the building blocks of resilient communities. The goal is to build resilient communities; one individual at a time.

We support and promote peer coaching. In the face of adversity, there is not always someone to provide structure and direction. We must depend upon ourselves and our peers. That is who will be there before the 1st. responders arrive on the scene of any disaster. That is who will be beside us as we face more and more 21st. century challenges. We will assist you to establish a peer coaching network within your community as a means of maintaining the Skills & Attitudes acquired during training.

The Building Resilience Community Training Program can be customized to focus on particular challenges (by topic) presented in our BounceBack decks. It can be generic using a mix of challenges from our decks to meet broader training needs. We can work with specific challenges relevant to/provided by your community. Individuals are most engaged by challenges that they can relate to. We are willing and prepared to work with you to customize our training to meet the needs of your community.

The Packages

  • 6-hour Training (25- 35 participants) – $6750.00 + related supplies
  • 4-hour Training (15-25 participants) – $4500.00 + related supplies
  • 2-hour Workshop (5-15 participants) – $2250.00 + related supplies

***If these packages do not meet your community’s training needs, we are happy to discuss them with you and see what we can do to help.

Our commitment to training will not end with the presentation. We will follow up monthly for six months to discuss issues of program implementation that may arise. A final connection at 12 months will be made to assess and evaluate the challenges and benefits of program implementation. This information will be used to fulfill our commitment to ongoing program development.

Beyond personal resilience training, the presentation can be used as a train-the-trainer tool enabling individuals within communities to carry out additional training.  Though the focus is on personal resilience, it lends itself quite well to the need to communicate a more planned/fixed response to job-specific challenges. For example, F.E.M.A. workers respond to natural disasters. In order to work in this field, personal resilience is a must. This is where we step in. Beyond the assimilation of personal resilience Skills & Attitudes, F.E.M.A. responders need to follow a specific protocol when responding to specific disasters. The challenges presented can be used to facilitate another level of training that incorporates proper protocols followed in some communities. As with all of our tools, it is adaptable to the needs of the customer.

If your community would benefit from training please contact