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Our work with PocketConfidant AI began in 2015. We watched and maintained close contact with them as they worked diligently to develop a technology capable of asking the right questions in response to challenges presented by its user. Just as we have a focus on building personal resilience, so does PocketConfidant. They have developed a tool  that offers “Self-coaching anywhere, anytime” via your favorite digital device. PocketConfidant AI offers “each individual access to coaching conversations so that they can question themselves and develop the awareness they need to create options for themselves, increase their confidence and improve their relational capacity to make better decisions and interact with others more easily and intelligently.”

We share a firm belief that resilience is not innate; it can be learned. And, if given the right tools, most people can be empowered to manage the adversity and uncertainties of the 21st century. We plan to use PocketConfidant AI as an integral part of the coaching services we are developing. We also plan to promote it’s use in our Community Resilience Training Programs.  We firmly believe that one cannot stop at offering a brief training experience. The real learning happens as a result of practicing and applying what is learned. PocketConfidant AI provides valuable practice.

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Rita Schiano is a resilience strategist and coach, speaker, and founder of Rita Schiano ~ Live A Flourishing Life. As a personal strategic coach, Rita helps clients focus specifically on their most important goals, interests, challenges, and needs.

She is the author of several books, including Live A Flourishing Life, a stress management, and resilience-building process workbook; the critically-acclaimed, semi-autobiographical novel Painting The Invisible Man, and Sweet Bitter Love and articles for The Huffington Post / AOL Healthy Living, the Worcester Business Journal, and guest blogger for Psychology Today.

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Maine Woods Education & Training Services

Cover of Richard Lumb's book, The Silent Killer of Police & First Responders

Public Safety Planning, Policy & Research, LLC, dba Maine Woods Education
& Training Services, “provides high-quality services and consultation to a variety of individuals, groups, and organizations, to assist in the
efficient delivery of services, find practical solutions to problems, and
assist with change initiatives. We utilize the concept of applied solutions
to develop positive and sustainable change initiatives that benefit
individuals and organizations, its employees and their clients.”

We have been working alongside Dr. Richard Lumb of Maine Woods Education & Training Services for many years. When we began as Maine Resilience, he joined us as an advisor, partner, and trainer helping to carry out resilience training funded by FEMA to the Town of Scarborough ME. We share the strong desire to build resilience among first responders and emergency management personnel, Veterans, Correctional staff and inmates, and other public and private partners to combat Accumulated Stress, Adversity, and Trauma (ASAT). We share his value of organizational integrity, collaboration, effective
leadership, and innovation in order to meet the needs of our clients in
sustainable ways.

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